Projects in Development

Supernatural Thriller

A young woman loses her memory in a tragic accident on the night of her engagement party. Her fiancé is asked to keep his distance while she’s treated by a charming psychiatrist friend of her parents.

An intimacy develops during their sessions together. Paranoia soon takes over, as under hypnosis, she begins recalling details of a hidden murder.

Sci-Fi, Action

The RELEASE trilogy spans a planetary, bio-weapons genocide, through to civilization’s subsequent renaissance.

Film 1: An archetypal human subject lives in the last inhabitable structure on Earth: a hermetically sealed eugenics facility known as ‘Bright Star’.

Confused by repeated visions of a childhood he never had and suffering the disciplinary actions imposed for such infractions, he decides to risk everything on a daring escape.

Faced with survival in a world he’s never known, with sinister factions in pursuit, he comes to discover his true origin; and his true destiny.

Sci-Fi, Thriller

A low level worker (and hobby chemist) is arrested after causing his manager’s overdose. The investigation quietly disappears when he accepts the call of a secret organization called, ‘The Agency’.

There he’s tasked with creating exotic recreational drugs for the world’s elite. ‘The Agency’s’ privileges soon have him sinking in depravity.

Regret and guilt become too much when he discovers his work being used to destabilize the general public.

With the elite and the masses polarizing toward chaos, he realizes he must act, or society falls.

Epic, Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Dark forces are amassing. Celestial demons take birth in royal families on Earth. To combat them the gods sire offspring in the opposing dynasties…

‘The Universal Order’ is the epic tale of five brothers, the rightful heirs to the throne. In their youth, their father, the Emperor, dies from a curse, leaving them fighting for their birthright. Their blind uncle assumes the throne, vowing to pass it to his own sons.

As inevitable war looms, all the worlds’ warriors gather for battle. Although outnumbered two to one, the five brothers have a special ally on their side.

Epic, Thriller, Action

“By the end of this age, all creatures’ growth will be stunted. Kings will be thieves. Occupations will be stealing, lying and needless violence, and all the social classes will be as common laborers. Clouds will be full of lightening and homes devoid of piety.

At this time, Kalki will mount His swift horse, and with sword in hand, travel the earth exhibiting eight mystic powers, killing by the millions, those thieves who have dared dress as kings.”

Caught in the whirlwind of this failing epoch are a brother and sister, separated at birth and destined to follow opposing paths. Their eventual coming together brings an opportunity for salvation.

Feature Documentary

The Amazon is the largest reserve of the world’s natural resources. Geographically, it represents 4/10 of the South American continent and 3/5 of the Brazilian territory.

It encompasses over half of the planet’s remaining rainforests, and comprises the largest and most biodiverse tract of tropical rainforest in the world.

‘Amazonia – Out of the Dark’ delves into the conflict between the indigenous populations and the non-governmental organizations, whose activities increasingly threaten the natural balance of the Amazon’s ecosystems, which contain far more than can be quantified.

Fantasy, Adventure

Like a mystical roadshow, the original transcendent person, Krsna, travels from universe to universe with all His associates.

When He descends to Earth, appearing in the exotic land of Vraja, the dream-like covering of Yoga-Maya causes everyone to see Him as a simple, ordinary boy.

To their constant amazement, He fights and defeats all the demigods and demons who come to attack Vraja. All the while, He sports with the cowherd boys, delights the milk maidens and causes everyone ever increasing bliss.

Animated, Fantasy, Adventure

To churn the ‘Ocean of Milk’ and obtain the ‘Nectar of Immortality’, the pious ’Devas’ must form an alliance with the evil ‘Asuras’, although they both plan to cheat the others of their share.

Mount Mandara will be turned upside down and used as the churning rod, while Vasuki, the king of serpents, will be the churning rope.

As they pull back and forth on the snake’s body, Mount Mandara begins to sink. The King of the Universe comes to their rescue in the form of a giant turtle, to support the mountain on his back.

Art-House, Biopic

Tukaram is an enigmatic biography conceived of by Charles Serruya, a true underground Parisian artist and film director.

A french theatre group travels to India to perform the story of the local saint, Tukaram. They film a documentary of their production, using the local community as a backdrop.

All this is seen by the young (17th century) Tukaram, effectively foretelling his own life story.