Cinematic Fanatic Sundays

‘Cinematic Fanatic’ is a weekly workshop that brings together artists and craftspersons passionate about the ART of mainstream CINEMA. The workshop – hosted by Independent Filmmakers – is designed to enhance your abilities as a filmmaker, by exercising them in a dynamic and supportive setting.

(PDF of Summary and Schedule – Click Here)

The workshop is for all creative positions within the production of a movie: Screenwriters, Directors, Cinematographers, Production Designers, Composers, Costumers, Hair & Makeup, Editors, Sound Designers; and also Production Managers and Runners.

Every Sunday from 10am – 5pm, a full program of directed discussions and practical activity challenges all participants to build a greater proficiency in, and a deeper understanding of, the CINEMATIC ARTS.

Experience is Not a Prerequisite for Attending
Passion, Commitment and Reliability IS

To join ‘Cinematic Fanatic’, or discuss how you can help improve our event, please contact:
Matthew Morreale or Ana Lucia Alves by email: cf (@)
or use the contact us form at