Contribute to the Independent Movie ‘Time to Die’!

We know, you love TV. We hear it all the time, “TV is so much better than movies these days.” And yet, cinema remains the lodestar for all filmed entertainment; if only in stasis. The quality of TV being high is the wake up call cinema needs.

TIME TO DIE – The Movie

During 2020’s early lockdown we brought together (online) an eclectic band of actors, musicians, artists and others to create a true indie movie.

‘Time to Die’ shows the last words and feelings of people from around the world, after hearing that a powerful group are carrying out a global extinction event in the next 24 hours.

In a time where so-called ‘indie’ movies cast A-list stars and cost tens of millions of dollars, we represent true independent voices; regular people with cinematic visions and stories to tell.

And so, with hours of material filmed and original music score recorded we’ve now begun editing during trying times (for all freelancers)! Therefore, we’re seeking funds for a Mac capable of editing, color grading and mixing the movie to completion.

Reciprocation for your contribution:

  • To those who give $20 or more, when the time comes, we’ll send a private link for an early (pre-release) showing of ‘Time to Die’.
  • To those who give $30 or more we’ll also include you – with a heartfelt thanks – in the end credits of the movie.

To those who are in a position to do so – for more capable editing equipment – please consider giving more. You’ll be true heroes, and we’ll look forward to periodically sharing ‘Yoga Maya Films‘ & ‘Cine Tribe’s‘ journey, as a community of powerful and independent voices in cinema emerge and flourish.

Thank you!